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Advertisement wont run after OSD TS

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I am having trouble deploying software to new PC's.

I had 30 PC's which I decommissioned, removed from AD then deleted from SCCM.

I then created a csv with the names and Mac-addresses. The old names are to be used on the new PC's

I import the csv and put them in my Windows 7 OSD Collection.

PXE boot the PC's and the OSD runs fine.

After the OSD finishes the PC's get put into collections based on its computer name.

These collections have mandatory advertisement assigned.

The mandatory assignment is never installed. I get as far as 'Accepted - No Further Status'

I also have existing XP PC's which are added to my Windows 7 OSD collection. The OSD finishes on these fine and get the mandarory assignments installed.

I cant fiqure it out.

Any Ideas?




Sorry Mods, supposed to post in Software Deployment.

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All of the actions are available, and run.


No notable errors in the ccmsetup.log

Just one

Failed to find resource file 'client.mst'

Still installs successfully.


I have been trying different things and appear to have got some of them working.

I did so may things I am in the process of trying to figure out what got them working.

Things I did.

right-click tools - Generate new GUID

Change approval to 'approval all'

Repair CCM Client

Remove CCM client

Delete Computer from SCCM and let AD discovery add it back and install the CCM client.

I am working remotley so can test which, if any, fixed the issue.



Thanks again



Remove from SCCM and let AD discovery add the machine again.

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I am getting this in ClientIDManagerstartup.log


Entering CCCMIDStartup::ExecuteInternal ClientIDManagerStartup 05/09/2011 22:39:56 3344 (0x0D10)

Evaluated SMBIOS (encoded): 43005A00430031003200300033004D0031003700 ClientIDManagerStartup 05/09/2011 22:39:56 3344 (0x0D10)

SMBIOS unchanged ClientIDManagerStartup 05/09/2011 22:39:56 3344 (0x0D10)

SID unchanged ClientIDManagerStartup 05/09/2011 22:39:56 3344 (0x0D10)

HWID unchanged ClientIDManagerStartup 05/09/2011 22:39:56 3344 (0x0D10)

Client settings prohibit local GUID generation, no smsid will be (re)generated. ClientIDManagerStartup 05/09/2011 22:39:56 3344 (0x0D10)

Smsid is missing but (re)generation is disabled. ClientIDManagerStartup 05/09/2011 22:39:56 3344 (0x0D10)

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I appear to have them working again.

I think I imported the new mac-addresses while the old records were still in SCCM.

This updated the old records with the new mac-address. The OSD worked but advertised software world ever install.

Fixed by

1. Remove CCM from client

2. Delete record from SCCM

3. Allow AD discovery to add the computers again.

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