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OSD Issues Help required please...


Hello Everyone,


I could do with a little help with the final stages of OSD with SCCM 2007 R2.


I have managed to capture a windows 7 x86 lite image, and deploy this to different hardware types.


My issues are the following:-

  • My OSDComputerName.vbs does not prompt for the computer name.
  • My task sequences fails on enabling administrator account with password.

SMSTS.Log states:-


The step (Apply Windows Settings) must be running in WinPE

Failed to run the action: Apply Windows Settings. The request is not supported. (Error: 80070032; Source: Windows)

  • The client does not join the domain after build (I have checked and the account being used has the correct rights and no OU is being specified, No error message.)

  • I can no longer logon to the client using the local admin account that was created before the capture.


If anyone can help me with any of the above, or point me in the right direction I would be most grateful, I’m about to pull out my hair…..


Many Thanks,

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1) What does your OSDComputerName VBScript consist of? I've found that the easiest way to prompt for a computer name just prior to OS deployment is using a task sequence variable that is specified for a certain collection. Right click on the collection you want to assign the variable to, select Modify Collection Settings, Task Sequence Variables tab, and add OSDComputerName as a variable. Then, henceforth, each time you want to execute a task sequence from WinPE, you can modify the computer name just prior to firing off the TS.


2) Where are you running the TS from? As specified in the log, the "Apply Windows Settings" step has to be run from WinPE and not in FullOS mode; thus, you'll need to create a WinPE boot media. It would also help if we could see a screenshot of your task sequence and how the steps are integrated.


3) Have you created an SCCM network service account? I'm going to assume you're asking it to join the domain via the "Apply Network Settings" step of the TS... my guess is since the "Apply Windows Settings" step failed, the "Apply Network Settings" step also failed as a result of running the TS outside of WinPE.


4) That's because your "Apply Windows Settings" was never completed, and therefore the administrator account is locked. (this is the step of the TS where you specify whether you want to change the local admin password).


Are you using an unattend.xml config file for the operating system image?

Where are you executing the task sequence from?

Have you tried creating WinPE boot media and running the task sequence outside of the full OS?

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