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how can I deploy an application using SMS ?

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This guide assumes that you have first installed and configured IIS and then installed SMS as outlined here. In addition, you should have configured SMS and you should have completed the final configuration and naturally your clients should have the SMS client installed (that should happen automatically if you followed parts 1-3 correctly).




Step 1. Create the package


In this example we are going to deploy Firefox (Firefox Setup


To make updating versions of Firefox easier we will rename the file from Firefox Setup to Firefox Setup.exe. We then copy that file to d:\sms packages\firefox (your path may vary).


Startup your SMS administration console (gui) and click on Packages in the left pane.




right click on packages and choose New Package




fill in the package properties as you wish in the General tab




Next click the Data Source tab, and make sure to select This package contains source files.


For source version click on Set and Set the source directory (local). In this example i've created a folder called d:\sms packages and within that another folder called firefox. I've also selected to update this on a schedule (every 1 day) to see if a new version of the Firefox package (file) is present.




Next I set the Distribuition settings priority to high




and clicked on Ok to continue.




Step 2. Create a Program for the Package


In the SMS administrator Console, expand packages and our newly create Firefox package so that we can see the sub heading beneath it




right click on Programs and choose New Program




In the Program Properties general tab, we will enter some details to install the file (see screenshot). The command line we use to install Firefox is "Firefox Setup.exe" -ms




That's it, click ok.




Step 3. Advertise the Package


Right click on Advertisements and choose New Advertisement.




Fill in your advertisement properties




Note: the package and program properties are a drop down menu, click each on in turn to select our package/program


In addition, the collections option is also a drop down menu. ('Collections' is a term that Microsoft gives to our TARGET group, in this example we choose All Windows XP computers)




click on the schedule tab and click the yellow star to select a Mandatory assignment.




choose as soon as possibleand click ok.




set the priority to high and click ok to exit.




answer yes to the are you sure you want to create this advertisement question (we will update this later)




Step 4. Update Distribution point


In the SMS administrator console, expand Packages, and then our Firefox package and then right click on Distribution Points and select New Distribution Points




In the wizard that appears click next to continue




and then select the distribution point by placing a checkmark in it and clicking finish.




when done, right click on Distribution points, select all Tasks and select Update Distribution points




answer Yes when prompted




that's it you are done, now you will have to monitor your clients to see Firefox getting deployed, and if you followed this guide properly what you'll see is a notification in the systray telling you a program is about to run, if you click the notification you'll see this



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first things first is the SMS client getting installed on your XP client ? check in the control panel to see if it's installed


you should login as a domain USER in order for the SMS client to get installed....




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well the sms client is already installed in my client, i already check it in cpanel. but that client is not registered at Collections in SMS Administrator Console.


after that, im googling to search a similar problem with me, and some article says that i should initiate Discovery Data Collection Cycle manually in client computer through Control Panel >> Systems Management >> Actions Tab.


now the client computer has successfully installed firefox. thanks anyweb. now i want to deploy vista using SMS. wish me luck bro! :lol:


btw in step 2, you told us to create SMSadmin and SMSread. can you explain, when should we use these user?

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anyweb, today i continue to deploy an application (winamp) to my client computer using the same setting that i used when i deploy firefox. i got notification like this >> "Assigned Program About To Run, An assigned program will run in 5 minutes, Double-click here for more information" >> I wait for 5 minutes, and nothing happen.. I force to run it without waiting the timer, but nothing happen too. can you show me the solution bro? :D


btw, you use "-ms" installation command when deploying firefox. what does it mean?

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the -ms tells it to silently install, and the -ms is a SWITCH that only applies to firefox and no other program, to get a list of switches for common programs check out this section of msfn.org




also, did you rename firefox setup like i mentioned in the howto ?

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now the client computer has successfully installed firefox. thanks anyweb. now i want to deploy vista using SMS. wish me luck bro! :lol:


congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello anyweb and everybody else,


I have followed the guide lines for installing SMS 2003 server and i have successfully deployed packages to clients. :)

Thanks to anyweb for providing guide lines and now I need a little more help..:)


Now I want to configure SMS2003 server for the windows updates, so that the SMS clients (windows xp, windows 2003 servers) should use SMS 2003 as update server rather than downloading updates directly from Internet.


Please Provide guide lines for doing so just like you have provided for installation and configuration of SMS 2003.



Looking forward for earliest reply to my request.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi anyweb,


I tried butt no luck this time :( may be I have missed some settings because I am a newbie to SMS 2003 Server.


Please provide guide lines (With Pictures Please) for Installing and configuring Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates (ITMU) so that clients should use SMS 2003 server as the update server. You can save my lot of time and energy.




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