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SSCM Installation and Schema Update

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I tried to modify the schema following this guide in preparation for SSCM installation.




I am an Schema Admin but I am running this command on my SSCM server itself not on the DC, does it matter?




and I am getting the following errors. Any ideas?


<10-24-2011 15:08:28> Modifying Active Directory Schema - with SMS extensions.

<10-24-2011 15:08:28> DS Root:CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=mydomain,DC=com

<10-24-2011 15:08:29> Defined attribute cn=MS-SMS-Site-Code.

<10-24-2011 15:08:29> Defined attribute cn=mS-SMS-Assignment-Site-Code.

<10-24-2011 15:08:29> Defined attribute cn=MS-SMS-Site-Boundaries.

<10-24-2011 15:08:29> Defined attribute cn=MS-SMS-Roaming-Boundaries.

<10-24-2011 15:08:29> Defined attribute cn=MS-SMS-Default-MP.

<10-24-2011 15:08:29> Defined attribute cn=mS-SMS-Device-Management-Point.

<10-24-2011 15:08:29> Defined attribute cn=MS-SMS-MP-Name.

<10-24-2011 15:08:29> Defined attribute cn=MS-SMS-MP-Address.

<10-24-2011 15:08:29> Defined attribute cn=mS-SMS-Health-State.

<10-24-2011 15:08:29> Defined attribute cn=mS-SMS-Source-Forest.

<10-24-2011 15:08:29> Defined attribute cn=MS-SMS-Ranged-IP-Low.

<10-24-2011 15:08:29> Defined attribute cn=MS-SMS-Ranged-IP-High.

<10-24-2011 15:08:29> Defined attribute cn=mS-SMS-Version.

<10-24-2011 15:08:29> Defined attribute cn=mS-SMS-Capabilities.

<10-24-2011 15:08:30> Failed to create class cn=MS-SMS-Management-Point. Error code = 8202.

<10-24-2011 15:08:30> Failed to create class cn=MS-SMS-Server-Locator-Point. Error code = 8202.

<10-24-2011 15:08:30> Failed to create class cn=MS-SMS-Site. Error code = 8202.

<10-24-2011 15:08:30> Failed to create class cn=MS-SMS-Roaming-Boundary-Range. Error code = 8202.

<10-24-2011 15:08:30> Failed to extend the Active Directory schema, please find details in "C:\ExtADSch.log".

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