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SCCM 2012 install trouble with SQL 2008

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Having just downloaded the 2012 RC I was keen to get stuck into having a poke around.


I am getting stuck during installation however.


I get this error message during the Database Information stage.


"Setup is unable to connect to SQL Server with the connection information provided. Verify the following:

- The SQL Server and instance names are entered correctly

- The specified SQL Server instance is not configured to use dynamic ports

- If a firewall is enabled on the SQL server, inbound rules exist to allow connections to correct ports

- The account used to run Setup has Permissions to connect to the specified SQL Server Instance"


My setup is SCCM 2012 and SQL 2008 SP2 on seperate computers.

I have entered the correct FQDN to the SQL server. I left default instance blank. My DB name will be CM_101.


I have turned off my firewalls on both computers. I can ping the computers successfully.


Im not much of a SQL gooroo so not sure why its not working with the default settings. I have a separate server running SCCM 2007 fine.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Peter,


Like I said im not much of a SQL person, but I believe I do have rights. Its a test environment so I just use the domain admin account of "Administrator". I added the SCCM2012 machine account to the SQL local admins.


I did use an alternate method to get SCCM 2012 going, and that was to have SQL and SCCM 2012 on the same machine. After a few tweaks with SQL Server service this started working.

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I'm also having the same exact issue. I'm not new to SCCM either. Account I'm using to install is a local admin account, no firewalls anywhere. It's SQL 2008 with SP2 and needed hotfixes, not sure what to check next. Oh, and mine SQL server is on the same server as SCCM. Any other ideas??



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