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Clients not reporting to SCCM server.

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I have a problem on about 30% of my windows 7 machines that the client is not reporting to the SCCM server that the client is installed.

if i look at the logs everything seems fine. both LocationService and ClientLocation logg.


i tried troubleshooting using this blog but nothing helped.



When i manually start the User and Machine policy from the ccm client it changes to Yes but i still cannot install any applications and its not send the inventory.

I tried a while ago to initiated it on some of the computers using a script and that changed the status to Yes but still the same problem with applications and inventory. and after awhile the status changed back to "No"


On Error Resume Next
Dim objCPAppletMgr, objClientActions, objClientAction, strActionName
strActionName="Request & Evaluate Machine Policy"

'Get the Control Panel applet manager object
set objCPAppletMgr = CreateObject("CPApplet.CPAppletMgr")
'Get a collection of client actions
set objClientActions=objCPAppletMgr.GetClientActions
'Loop through the available client actions
For Each objClientAction In objClientActions

If objClientAction.Name = strActionName Then
WScript.Echo "Action " + objClientAction.Name + " initiated"
End If


The firewall policy is the same for all computers and i double checked on some of the computers that its actually applied.


Any ideas?

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I got it sorted.


I uninstalled the SCCM client, removed the SMSCFG.ini and the 2 SMS certificates from 2 computers.

I then reinstalled the SCCM clients and within a couple of minutes it changed to "Yes" :)


Now i just need to figure out how to do this on about 50 more computers

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Turns out i didnt need to remove the 2 SMS certificates i just needed to uninstall the CCM client and remove SMSCFG.ini and then reinstall the SMS client.


Tried removing SMSCFG.ini before and reinstalling the CCM client from the SCCM console.

But i never tried uninstalling it first.

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