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I need to launch a batch files as local user like local administator.


For that I tried the creation of a 'Run Command line' executed with user "./Administrator" but it gave me a 'The extended attributes are inconsistent (Error 000000FF)


How can I use a local user in a task sequence?

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wmmayms, tried that already and didn't help.


For this localhost\account, the localhost must be a variable to give the name of the computer. Something like "%_SMSTSMachineName%\Account"


Another thing I tried and didn't work:



Create a "Set Task Sequence Variable" and put it before the "Setup windows and ConfigMgr"

Task Sequence Variable: LocalAdmin

Value: %_SMSTSMachineName%\Administrator



Create a "Run Command Line"

Tick option "Run this step as the following account" with %LocalAdmin% and the password of the local administrator



What else is there?

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