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Courier Sender Not Presenting Packages

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Good morning all,


I've a question regarding Courier Sender parcel creation and wondered if you could help?


I've set up a courier sender between site PRI (Primary) and site SEC (Secondary) as the link is woefully slow between these two sites. I've also specified the preferred sender for the packages to be Courier Sender.


All packages that have not been previously distributed to the SEC DP are presented in Courier Sender Manager and I can parcel and distribute them no problems at all.


Any packages that have previously had the SEC DP assigned and have begun to copy to this location are not visible for parcel creation in the Courier Sender Manager.


If I remove the SEC DP from the package, change the sender preference and re-add the DP so that it shows install pending I am still not presented with the option to parcel it. There appear to be no SRQ files being generated for this kind of package.


Can anyone suggest the best approach to take to ensure all packages can be parcelled and sent by Courier?





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