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The requested header was not found

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Dear All,


Some background information...

Over the last few months my colleagues and I have been working on building the foundations for our Windows 7 project. We have previously used WSUS as a stand alone service (This will still be used for Windows XP and Server based updates), however we have now built a new WSUS server specifically for use with SCCM 2007 SP2.


Now for my problem...

Our WSUS server has been installed and the updates are being populated into SCCM. I have created an update list and i am now attempting to download the updates and assign them to our deployment package.


It appears that some of the updates download OK but as for other i am prompted with errors such as below: -


Warning: Security Update for Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 (KB2500170)


The requested header was not found


What have a i tried so far to troubleshoot the error?

  • I have attempted to download the update on both the SCCM Server and the WSUS Server directly - this works OK
  • I have checked and compared the proxy/PAC File settings on the old WSUS and the new WSUS/SCCM Servers and all of these match OK
  • I have attempted to re-create an update list, deployment package and share but i am still prompted with the same error message
  • I have compared the source location with the distribution folder and these match like for like, however not all updates are visible in the deployment package

If anyone else has come across similar issues or can provide further suggestions this would be highly appreciated




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