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Cannot import drivers

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If I want to import realtek network drives and update the bot image I get this error:

Error: The wizard detected the following problems when updating the boot image.


    • Failed to inject a ConfigMgr driver into the mounted WIM file

The SMS Provider reported an error.: ConfigMgr Error Object:

instance of SMS_ExtendedStatus


    • Description = "Failed to insert OSD binaries into the WIM file";

    • ErrorCode = 2152205056;

    • File = "e:\\nts_sccm_release\\sms\\siteserver\\sdk_provider\\smsprov\\sspbootimagepackage.cpp";

    • Line = 4318;

    • ObjectInfo = "CSspBootImagePackage::PreRefreshPkgSrcHook";

    • Operation = "ExecMethod";

    • ParameterInfo = "SMS_BootImagePackage.PackageID=\"ZEB00004\"";

    • ProviderName = "WinMgmt";

    • StatusCode = 2147749889;


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Hm hard...

I guess you could try looking into your dism.log


But before doing this i would proberbly try reimporting my driver and then recreating my bootimage. Of course if you havent done to much customization to it.

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