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How do I distribute an exe with SCCM 2012?

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I've been trying to self-teach my tiny brain to use SCCM 2012, so far with the help of this forum I am doing pretty well and have managed to successfully deploy a few MSI based applications.


Now I would like to learn how to package and deploy and application that uses an EXE installer rather than MSI.


Do I need to write a .bat script with switches and then zip it up with the EXE?


My example file I am using is for Adobe Reader 10.1.1 - AdbeRdr1011_en_US.exe. I would like to deploy this sliently to all users on my local network. According to Adobe's documentation to do a silent install I need to issue the following command switch...


AdbeRdr1011_en_US.exe /sAll


I have verified this indeed works and performs a completely silent install.


How do I then package and deploy this script and EXE?

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Sorry about the typo.


A MSI file is better in every way but this is just in case. I work for a industrial company and it alot of the appliactions we use for our machines are very old. You know the 256 bit setup background picture with a guy in a hardhat holding a wrench...


And with this i can almosr create my own MSI deployment within SCCM awsome!!

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