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loading OS images from local disk.

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good day everyone.


first let me start off by saying i am BY FAR not an expert at deployment or servers in general. this project was essentially dumped into my lap.


im trying to get an OS deployment setup and with the help of the guides on this site i have been able to accomplish a lot. so i want to thank all the posters and the writers of the guides.


im trying to upload an image but when i try it tells me that im not allowed to use a local path. ok understandable. bu i was wondering if there was a way around that. otherwise im going to have to move 30 gigs of images over to our NAS and try to access them from there. (which btw i have failed miserably at doing)


i would like to access the images on the "local" drive if it is possible. if not then its back to figuring out how to access them from the NAS.


any help you can provide is greatly appreciated and i apologize if there is a lack of information. like i said im VERY green in this area.




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Where on the server are your images?


If you have made an share like \\yourserver\packages$ and then have the images in a folder called images in a folder called osd then you

can use \\yourserver\packages$\osd\images as the path.

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