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Side-by-side upgrade failing at state restore (KB974571 related)

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I am working on our side-by-side migrations to take users from one machine to a new replacement machine, in this round the users all have Windows XP machines and the new machines are Windows 7 machines. We are using SCCM 2007 R3 on a Windows 2008 R2 server if this makes a difference.


- When I first tried this upgrade I ran into the KB974571 issue on the XP machine which inserted the null characters into the SCCM certificate which caused the restore to fail on the new Windows 7 machine.

- To correct this I removed the KB974571 update and then ran 'ccmcertfix.exe' which is part of KB977203 update and ran it again and it worked. For this upgrade I used the MDT replacement Task Sequence and just removed the disk wipe part and it seems to be working properly.

- I start this upgrade by doing a simple USMT scan on the Windows XP machine after the association has been created in SCCM. Once the scanstate part has been run on the XP machine and the users data is stored on the SMP I run the next task sequence. The next task sequence formats the drive and then installs a clean copy of Windows 7 and then restores the users data back to the Windows 7 machine as expected.


So that works but it is not very efficient, I have to run the scan on the users machine first and then once this is done I have to manually start the next task sequence on the new machine to install Windows and then restore the users data. This means there is a day turnaround at least where the users data is being changed but the state store is not being updated. I have been searching and it is stated that you can't use the 'scan' task sequence to start the 'image & restore' task sequnce which is really too bad. It would be nice to be able to capture the user state from one machine and use that task sequence to image the new machine and restore the users data to the new one overnight when nobody is around.


Because it doesn't seem like we can chain one task sequence to another one when capturing the user state and then restoring it to a new machine all in one go I tried another method. I imaged a clean machine with Windows 7 and then created the association and then I ran the scanstate on the XP machine. Once this was done I ran the state restore on the clean Windows 7 machine I made earlier but the restore fails out each time with the same error that points to the KB974571 issue. As a test I took the Windows 7 machine and I ran my first task sequence which installs Windows 7 cleanly and then restores the state store and this worked. So I know the data I scanned is fine and when the OS is intsalled at the same time the restore works but if I try to run the restore by itself on a clean machine it fails. In all of my tests I did touch the association between the two machines so nothing has changed here. If I install Windows and do the restore in the same task sequence it works but if I try to restore to a built machine it fails.


1) Can you actually apply the user state to a machine that already has a clean image on it?

2) Did I get poor information when I was researching, can you do a scan of one machine and then use that task sequence to start the imaging of the new machine so I can do this all in one step?


Thanks for any help, Dennis

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