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Time to say goodbye to IE6 and other old browsers?

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In a blog post a couple of days ago on the Windows Team blog Roger Capriotti, Director, Internet Explorer Marketing

wrote on the Internet Explorer side about "The US Says Goodbye to IE6".




That’s great, good news!

Very nice work with The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown.



Here in Sweden we are down to 0.4%.


But why do 7.33% (acording to Netmarketshare) of all people on the Internet use Internet Explorer 6 in 2012?

In December 2011 the number was 7.7%, so after all we are on the right track.





Internet Explorer 6 is 10 years old!


I’m not a security freak, but I will never use Internet Explorer 6 to surf on the Internet.

It’s something like to have a antivirus program from the same time.

It was great then, but not now. Okay, I will never use IE7 either :)




Some of the arguments about using an old browser (IE6 and IE7) usually ends up in an business critical web application.


My questions is always:

  • Why use that web application?
  • Is It because of the vendor or the company?

In almost every case It’s possible to upgrade or switch to another vendors similar web application.




It’s more expensive to use a non standard, not updated and a non safe web browser for all of the employers on a company

rather then upgrade or switch business critical web applications.


In the case with IE6 I think that the major part of the users is not companies.

And it’s people with old operating systems too.


Read more about IE6 at the sources:




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