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Doug Blake

IE9 IEAK issue during OSD

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We're trying to install IE9 as part of our OSD. This is software deployment step within the OSD TS as the original Windows 7 capture has IE8.

When deploying a customised MSI (using the IEAK9) the installation completes fine however when the first user for the new machine comes to try logging on the following error is displayed:


The User Profile Service service failed to start.


The error is due to the following file located within the default user profile either being unreadable not accessable -


C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\SQM\iesqmdata_setup0.aqm


Deleting the above file resolves the problem, similary changing the permissions the file also fixes the problem.


Can anyone explain why this is happening and what resolution i can try? (I want to try to resolve the issue rather than adding a step to delete the file) This occurs on both x32 and x64 environments. I've also experienced the issue when deploying the same package to an existing Windows 7 machine that's already in use by a user. After the installation and reboot, the existing user can log on however no new users would be able to.


Deploying an uncustomised IE does not cause this problem.




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Hm i just found a similare problem with the customer im working at atm..


I created a customized IE9 installation with IEAK. Everything seems good, TS is running fine etc..All is fine until a user tries to logon.. then they recive:


The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.


And they are then thrown back out to ctrl-alt-del



Problem was solved by removing the customized IEAK9 package and deploying a new clean package..

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