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Setup DCHP Properly with Server 2008R2 and DD-WRT


Hello, I'm running into a problem at home with DHCP on a Server 2008R2 Box and just have a few questions.


First off

My setup includes a Windows Server 2008R2 which I want to leave on all the time for running Plex, SCCM, DHCP, WDS, MDT, AD, and so on, Might include Asterisk on there as well someday down the line,


The system has 12 GBs of Ram and a 60GB SSD, and 160GB HDD and 1TB Plex Storage. Might be adding another 1TB to it as well down the line.


My problem with DHCP is I can have it up and running and I'll be able to get IP address from the server but all I have is local intranet.


How would I set this up so I can have internet as well?


As an FYI I have to Network Cards in my Server. I can plug in from my Qwest ActionTech M1000 straight to one ethernet port then from the other ethernet port to the switch. I tried to do a Bridge Connections deal on both Ethernet ports but I didn't notice anything different.


And then also Change my DD-WRT settings to Wireless Access Point only and disable DHCP on it.


Any Help at all would be greatly appreciated. I hope I'm on the right track.



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You also need to have a "routing device" configured.



Plug your modem in to the WAN port on your router. (You want to do this to allow fewer hops)

Set DHCP on the router to forward to your server. Configure your scopes on your DHCP server to have your router as Gateway and Router.


I would also recommend using some sort of virtualization to have separate VMs for your different services. If one task goes down, or you require a reboot, everything goes down. :/

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