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Auto restart during OS deploy\capture from DP with PXE

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I am having a very strange error crop up while testing the deploy and capture of a boot OS via a task sequence. The error occurs on x86 or x64, on VM's or physical clients. SCCM 2012 is installed per the fantastic tutorial here and this error is appearing on part 7.


When deploying the boot image to the target pc, the PE environment loads and immediately resets the client pc with this error: Failed to run task sequence - An error occurred while retrieving policy for this computer (0x80004005)


After some searching around I found and tried these: Link 1: Permissions & Link 2: Certificates


Unfortunately, neither helped. I have granted sufficient permissions to client systems to access the boot.wim image and the only certificate available is loaded into SCCM and is unblocked. Its difficult to be 100% sure re the certificates issue, as that link is to a 2007 SCCM structure and I think that Admin.\Security\Certificates would be the corresponding location in 2012.


At this point I have reinstalled the distribution point, setup new boot images for both x86 & x64, created new tasks and sent them out to the clients and still ... nothing.

Clients are still restarting immediately after the PE loads.


I have tried to look at the smsts.log on the clients, but they are listed as empty, so cannot. The smspxe.log file reports business as usual with no unusual\error based behaviour.


Any ideas anyone or anyWeb? At this point I am at my wits end, but need to continue regardless...


Cheers & Thanks

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I had this same error message, but mine was due to WinPE not having the correct NIC drivers for my DELL testing machine. The way I found this out is when I pressed F8 and then I typed ipconfig in the command prompt.


FYI, PXE seems to be buggy in RC2 as well. I've already left a couple of 'bug/feedback' messages here.

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