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A few questions on maintenance windows for SCCM 2007 collections. I have created a Parent collection that finds all of the servers I need to work with. I then have created child collections that feed off of the parent and split them based on other selections like so.


Servers I Manage - (Parent)

Domain Controllers - (Child)
Windows 2008 - (Child)
Windows 2003 - (Child)
SQL Servers - (Child)
Misc Servers - (Child)


Now, if I set a maintenance window on the Parent Collection (Servers I Manager) and then deploy a package or update to the Child Collection (Windows 2008). The server that resides in both collections should not see the maintenance window from the parent collection as I am deploying to the child which has no maintenance window.


I have read that "Maintenance windows are not inherited by subcollections." and the above would be true as there is no inheritance, but I've seen some discussion in that because the server itself resides in both collections, it will take the maintenance window from the Parent (Servers I Manage).


Is this True?


Thank you for any and all of your thoughts




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The server that is in both collections would obey the maintenance window you have set on one collection and install updates based on it even though you've deployed the updates/software to the collection without the MW.


The server/client doesn't care what collection it is in. It only knows that it has an advertisement and a MW. Think of it as cumulative information.


If you want to deploy software updates to a parent collection then you should split your collections up by maintenance windows and put only the servers you want to obey that MW in that collection. Don't double up or you'll have one server with multiple MWs, unless, of course, that is your intention.

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