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I just recently implemented a SCCM 2012 RC server, and have built up a test environment for it. The clients are recieving update policies, but are not receiving notifications on available software items through the Software Center. They can go to the Application Catalog, where tey are able to see the available software, but are not able to submit a request, nor can they download and install the applications. I also noticed that they are unable to select the "I regularly use this computer to do my work" option from the "My devices" tab on the Catalog. All site components are in the green, and I have tried to check the logs, but I am unable to find anything that points to any issue. I am including screenshots of the 2 issues that I mentioned regarding the Application Catalog.


We are a Windows 7 shop, and all machines are currently running IE8. The AD Schema has not been extended, since our senior systems admin is worried about any negative repurcussions that may cause.


I am almost certain that this has to do with some settings in IIS, but I am too unfamiliar with it to go poking around.


Any guidance would be more than appreciated.





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So you havent extrended the schema for SCCM 2012?


If you dont your clients wont be able to find the right server for the software cataloge.


"When a new Configuration Manager client installs, the client can search Active Directory Domain Services for installation properties. If you do not extend the schema, you must use one of the following workarounds to provide configuration details that computers require to install:"

  • Use client push installation. Before you use client installation method, make sure that all prerequisites are met. For more information, see the section “Installation Method Dependencies” in Prerequisites for Computer Clients.
  • Install clients manually and provide client installation properties by using CCMSetup installation command-line properties. This must include the following:
    • Specify a management point or source path from which the computer can download the installation files by using the CCMSetup property /mp:=<management point name computer name> or /source:<path to client source files> on the CCMSetup command line during client installation.
    • Specify a list of initial management points for the client to use so that it can assign to the site and then download client policy and site settings. Use the CCMSetup Client.msi property SMSMP to do this.

    [*]Publish the management point in DNS or WINS and configure clients to use this service location method.

More info here.



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any solutions yet?


i´ve exact the same problem with some users. the schema is updated (siteserver and managementpoints are created under CN=SYSTEM \ CN=SYSTEM MANGEMENT)


in the client-push-installation-properties i addtional set the sitecode.


where could the problem be?

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My application catalog was working and then I attempted to configure it for ssl. I have since given up on the ssl idea and reverted the settings but now I get this error for every app.


I have removed the "Application Catalog web service point" and "Application catalog website point" roles and re-installed but still get this exact same error.


I have added to the local intranet zone but still it fails.


Does anyone have any ideas on how to best attack this problem?


Thanks in advance.

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Try to add your application catalog url to Intranet zone on a client pc. It helped me.



I already had the FQDN of the site server in the trusted sites but I also added *.MyDomain.com to trusted sites and this solved the problem. Thanks! :)

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