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Clearing up Software Updates and a Fresh Start

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I hav inherited an SCCM deployment with monthly workstation update packages going back to 2010. I want to clean this up and start afresh.


I was thinking that I would create a new deployment package with all updates prior to this month (with all expired updates removed) and push that out so that all machines are up to date. The existing packages could then be deleted.


Then from this month create a new monthly package and deploy that then repeat.


Does this sound sensible? All the old monthly update packages are showing as grey as they are full of expired and superceeded. Provided I have create the new package with all updates up to this month I should be covered...I think!?



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I know this is an older post, but my approach is similar.


Every year durring the "quiet time" when coworkers and vendors are all taking their vacations for Christmas/New Year, I consolodate all the aproved updates from the previous year(s).

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