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Distribution Point in diffrent time zone

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I have installed SCCM 2012 and it have worked fine and I have also installed two Distribution point and they also works fine but when I try to install my third DP I receive errors and it will not work.


I have installed the DP on Windows 2008 R2 servers and enabled PXE and I have followed your instruction in “Setting up a DP on a Windows 7 box” but enabled PXE.


The only different settings are that the previous servers are in the same time zone as the SCCM 2012 site server and the one that are failing are in a different time zone as the main system.


I receive the following error on the remote DP server "sccm2012-server.txt".


And on the main SCCM server I receive the following message in document "sccm2012-Distribution-Point.txt".



What might I have missed?

I have reinstalled the system and enabled it again with the same result.

Is there some issue with DP and diffrent time zone?


Best regards




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the log files should be the other way around, sccm2012-server.txt is displayed on the sccm main server.

sccm2012-Distribution-Point.txt is displayed on the DP server on the diffrent time zone.

the smsadmin account, and the computeraccount for both servers are are added as administrator and restarted afterwards, before installation.


by the way, THANKS!!! for the guides you guys do! they have helped me alot in sccm 2007 and 2012!!!



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