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Hi all,


Great resource here at windows noob - very easy reading and great guides for setting up SCCM!


We are running ConfigMgr 2007 R3 on both server and clients. We have 1 primary site that acts as an SLP, DP, RP, MP, PXE service Point, SUP. We also have an additional server that acts as a DP only and another server for the DB


We are having an issue at the moment whereby our task sequences run twice. We deploy windows 7 via either pxe boot or prestaging the boot process, and then when the os is installed and ready, the task sequence will then run again! It seems the first pass doesnt make the previous object obsolete and so it runs again. On the second pass, the object is marked as obsolete and a new object created..


Here is our setup:


Container called Reimage Desktop computer. No queries on this, its manually add the resources only

Task sequence has a mandatory advertisement set to the reimage desktop computer container. It set to "as soon as possible" and program rerun behaviour is set to always rerun.


So we manually add the computer, it reimages and installs windows as normal. At this stage, it seems to join the existing computer object rather than marking it as obsolete. Hence the task sequence then runs again and once its done, it makes the original object obsolete as it should and therefore does not rerun the task sequence


Any ideas on this?



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