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PXE Imaging hanging on Office Install

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I'm having an issue imaging one of my desktops. This is a standard Windows 7 64 bit image and I genearally use it a couple times a week with no issue. I have one computer, however, where it just hangs indefinately on the installation of Office.


This is the last advertisement shown for my Windows 7 image on this computer (2 days ago).


Information Milestone VAN 5/2/2012 4:53:18 PM VAND04601 Software Distribution 10005 Program started for advertisement "VAN20181" ("VAN000EC" - "Office Professional 2010 (x32 Only)"). Command line: "\\abc.def.LOCAL\SMSPKGD$\VAN000EC\setup.exe" /adminfile custom.msp Working directory: \\abc.def.LOCAL\SMSPKGD$\VAN000EC\ User context: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM 1464 1296


And when I check the SMS Trace (C:\Program files (x86)\SMS_CCM|smspxe.log) I get multiple lines with this (but no error).


Advertisement results: OfferId:VAN20181 OfferTime:02/08/2011 10:38:00 PackageID:VAN00138 BootImageID:VAN00001 PackageVer: PackagePath:\\VCVANSCCM1\SMSPXEIMAGES$\SMSPKG\VAN00001\ Mandatory:0 smspxe 4/24/2012 1:56:12 PM 3532 (0x0DCC)

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This is after restarting the imaging process a couple of times (before I got the multiple log lines), trying a new harddrive in the computer, and recreating the computer's entry in SCCM.

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