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Install Updates hangs on OSD Task Sequence

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I have been using the CM12 guides to give myself a crash course to Config Manager 2012. All seems well except for the final step where installing updates should happen. The client just hangs there for 20 to 30 minutes, and eventually closes the imaging window and presents the finished machine at the windows login screen.

I know Configuration Manager is working with updates because I can login, run a Software Updates Deployment Evaluation cycle, and I get the popup for configuration manager to make changes to my system. Opening this notification up shows that configuration manager wants to deploy 19 updates. If I click, Install Now, the updates will install just fine.


While the machine sits at the Install updates screen, I hit F8 and opened the windowsupdates.log, it did contain errors and seemed to be going to the microsoft websites to try and get the updates instead of going to our configuration manager server. I am imaging using a previously built windows 7 image that is our golden image for SCCM 2007. But I wouldn't think that would make a difference... Are there other logs that I should be looking at to help track down this issue? Thanks!


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Hi Spidey,


I can confirm I have observed this same behaviour - an apply updates step is run as part of an OSD sequence but the installation either hangs or does not complete. After making into the deployed Windows, Software Center shows the updates waiting to be installed. I've done some digging, but do not have a solution for you. I was surprised to see that this behaviour (specific to Windows 7 no less) was seen under SCCM 2007 also.


See the following:




(There are comments to the effect that the same behaviour has been observed in SCCM 2012 RTM)


A hotfix was released for SCCM 2007 - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2509007


Might be worth escalating to MS or TechForums possibly?

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Sounds like your SetupWindows and ConfigMan step is failing. This normally happens if something is off for your SCCM Install Package, I've had it happen when I had the incorrect path specified for patches, for instance.


For some reason, it was circulating around that the path to patches should be: 'C:\_SMSTASKSEQUENCE\OSD\CAS00002\CLIENT\HOTFIX\KB2905002\CLIENT\I386\CONFIGMGR2012AC-R2-KB2905002-I386.MSP'. The path should be Packages, not OSD.


Check the ccmsetup for ccmsetup.log and client.msi.log and you'll find the answer.

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