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Track down TS Error 0x80004005

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I've been trying to track down the source of a task sequence error 0x80004005. I've browsed the forums regarding this error and tried changing various things about the task sequence such as checking all the agent credentials are correct, checking all packages have been added to the distribution point, removing the license key from the task sequence, removing the install software steps etc. However the error still comes up every time, its probably something very obvious I'm missing! I'm trying to install Windows 7 Pro via the task sequence, a seperate task sequence I created to install Windows XP is successful. The system is a 2007 R3 server and we only have one, I'm trying to run the sequence from the local network. I've attached my smts.txt log in the hopes someone can spot something I've missed. Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.




Edit - I've found that the task sequence works if you just format and apply an image to a system, any further steps such as 'Apply windows settings' result in the 0x80004005 error.

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Hi! I have the same problem


Yesterday, I asked Microsoft for technical support

That's what they sent me:




Removed the IUSR from the Guests group and added to the Users Group. Restarted the SMS Site Component Manager. It worked fine.





We reinstalled the WebDAV and BITS since the UAC settings have been changed.


Then we configured the WebDAV and IIS following the article: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc431377.aspx


But we encountered another issue in the mpsetup.log:


checking WebDAV configuraitons

WebDAV settings is not setup appropriately

[Allow property queries with infinite depth] should be true (false)

[Allow Custom Properties] should be false (true)

[Allow anonymous property queries] should be true (false)

Allow [All users read access to All content] authoring rule should exist (exist)


However the UI settings showed the identical setting. To resolve the inconsistent result, we reinstalled the WebDAV and confirmed the settings in the applicationHost.config under the C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config.


Then the MP can be installed successfully.


After that the Task sequence execution is well.



Do not join the domain during the sysprep and capture sequence. Do that during the deployment task sequence.


I followed their instructions, but that does not work!

they don't know how to fix this error

will be torturing me with his stupid advice :(

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Looks like one of those Microsoft 'I'm going to show you an error code that doesn't mean anything' errors... Thanks for the update though, I've actually reinstalled my server due to another issue as I was daft and hadn't taken any snapshots. Will be interesting to see if the same error occurs when I use the same images, the old server was 2008 but I've rebuilt it with 2008 R2 SP1, just finished putting SCCM back on.

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I think I found the reason.

If you enter computer in domain and specify the unit domain computers

OS; packages; applications - installed and no error 0x80004005

This only works during setup windows 7. XP doesn't work(


I think SCCM don't have enough privileges to install programs on the local machine

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I tracked this down to a network driver issue after I found the wonders of trace32. I switched the 'Auto Apply Drivers' and 'Apply Driver Package' sections around in the task sequence. The sequence I've found works (once the correct drivers are added to the boot image and driver package) is;

  1. Partition Disk
  2. Apply OS
  3. Auto Apply Drivers
  4. Apply Driver Package
  5. Apply Windows Settings
  6. Apply Network Settings
  7. Setup windows and ConfigMgr

Once these steps completed ok the machine retained an IP address which is wasn't doing after 'Setup windows...' so I now have a nicely captured and sysprepped machine at last. Hope the info helps someone else down the line! Thanks for the info provided by other users.

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