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Refresh Package on Distribution Point

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I'm not able to redistribute one special package on a SCCM 2010 DP.




After upgrading a Secondary SCCM 2007 Site to a SCCM 2012 DP some Packages are not available:

Error: Failed to connect to remote distribution point

Solution: Redistributing the packages was successful



One special package is left, which I cannot select for redistribution.

I think it's the configuration manager client upgrade package, which is not visible in the distribution point content.


How can I redistribute this package (ID: xxx00004)?

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I get the exact same problem but no idea how to fix it - looks like the SCCM 2012 install installs two special packages - the client install and the client update package. Turns out my client upgrade package never got added in properly. I can create a new one from definition - but it gets a new ID.


How do we either remove the bogus package that is creating lots of spurious distribution errors or how do I repair it?


I tried removing it from the WMI on the various DP's but it comes back because it exists in the DB. The source files exist just no package files


My install was a clean 2012 RTM install. (single primary site)





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You can set a redistribute action by powershell


$PackageID = "xxx00004"

$DPGroup = "Name of your Distribution group"

$DPQuery = Get-WmiObject -Namespace "Root\sms\site_xxx" -Class SMS_DistributionPointGroup -Filter "Name='$DPGroup'"



In my environment It did not trigger directly the redistribution.

I needed to redistribute another package and it did the client update package at the same time.


Maybe this can help

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If it is really only this package for SCCM2007 agent, it is not working for SCCM2012 Clients (i.e. version 5.00.7711.0000) anymore. I assume it is flaged as incompatible for SCCM2012 and can´t be selected for migrated to prevent problems.


- just taking a shot



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I ran into an issue whereby, because the DP was originally marked for prestaged content, none of the packages were being sent. I therefore had a need to redistribute multiple packages to the same DP. Using the above, I was able to accomplish this with a slight tweak. Just thought I'd put this out there in case anyone else has a need to refresh multiple packges on a single DP.


First, you need to run a report to get a list of packages (easiest one I found was the "Content referenced by a specific task sequence" report). Once run, export the results, and use excel to clean up the report so that you only have the PKGID and save it as a plain text file (in my case, I saved it as C:\tools\PKGID.txt).


Second, create a DP Group and place the DP in question into this new group


Third, save the below as a powershell script and execute as you would any other powershell script:


$PackageID = (Get-Content c:\tools\PKGID.txt)
$DPGroup = "Test"
$DPQuery = Get-WmiObject -Namespace "Root\sms\site_xxx" -Class SMS_DistributionPointGroup -Filter "Name='$DPGroup'"
ForEach ( $PackageID in $PackageID )


Hope this saves someone some searching!

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