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SCCM 2007 Deploying Windows 7 with Boot Media

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Hello WIndows-Noob Community,


I'll first start by saying what a great site! I have found so many answers on this sit over the last year and a half! WIth that being said, I have combed these forums (and others) for the last 2 1/2 days trying to find an answer to my problem, unfortunately to no avail. About my issue and things I have done to resolve it:


About Me:

SCCM 2007 SP2

Windows 7 Deployments

Boot Media wtih integrated NIC drivers and Command Support enabled



I have had my SCCM server up and running for almost 2 years now and it has been running smoothly once all was initially configured (a lot of help from this site!!). Starting sometime at the end of last week/beginning of this week, my Task Sequences are no longer working. I boot wtih my boot media, select my TS, it goes out and downloads my boot image, comes up and says "Ready to Start, Remove the CD and do not boot from CD. Click Finish to start the Task Sequence". I press remove the CD, press Finish and the system restarts.. After restart, WinPE comes up, partitions and formats my disks and then gets to Applying Operating System. After about 3-4 minutes of sitting at the half way point, it errors out wtih "Task Sequence: Windows 7 has failed with the error code (0x80070002)..."


When I attempt to press F8 at this point, nothing happens. My CMD window does not open. I have researched this error all over the internet and this error mostly eludes to no NAA set, an invalid NAA or "the file specified cannot be found".


Wondering why I couldn't press F8 at this point because I know I have "enable command support" selected, I reboot the PC back to the boot media up to where I can select my Network Adapater. Pressing F8 here works with the exact same boot media?!?!?! I see that I have an IP and can ping my SCCM/DP (one in the same), I can map to my DP share using my NAA that I have set. I have checked the Share Permissions as well as the Security Permissions set on my DP Share and have all appropriate groups as well as added my NAA just for S&G. Everything points to me being able to see my SCCM/DP and my share.


I have completely removed all files associated with this TS, ensured they were no longer on the DP then recreated them all. I ensured that everything was pushed to the DP and that the "messages" for the Boot Image, Operating System Image and Package for the SCCM Client all indicated a successful install. I also went to the SMSPKGD$ and ensured everything was there. Sad to say....I am still stuck in the exact same spot. What's even worse, is I have no SMSTS.LOG file to review or share, due to the fact that F8 does not appear to work after the system reboots itself.


Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!



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press F8 at the start of the apply operating system step, does that work ? that way you can capture the log...

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Thank you for the quick reply! Unfortunately, for whateve reason, I can only hit F8 at the point of where I select the TS. Once it reboots and starts applying the OS, F8 no longer works for somy mysterious reason.


On a side note, I solved my problem abour an hour ago. This is probably the most random thing I have come across with SCCM, but for the short story, I suspected something might be wrong with my boot image due to the strange behavior. I pulled down completely brand new boot images, slipped my NIC drivers and enabled command support. The first thing I noticed was the size difference between what I had and the new ones I pulled down. As soon as I updated my TS to ref. the new boot image, everything went through as it used to. My only guess is somehow my directory with the boot images went corrupt. Doesn't explain how the directory I hold my boot images in as well as the copy of them on the DP went corrupt at the exact same time. Strange, but I'm back and operational after 2 days of banging my head against the wall!!

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