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I'm having issues when trying to deploy the image... The NIC driver isn't found.


I injected the NIC driver into the capture image using peimg /inf and that works fine.

I've also tested just using winpe.wim and that works fine too.


but when i use boot.wim and try to inject the same driver (which appears to be injecting fine, i can see the driver in the system32 folder when mounted) but it says not found!


Machine is Lenovo 6072-A5M (Think Centre M57).

The NIC is an Integrated Intel 82566DM.


The drivers i'm using are ones that i've copied from a Lenovo preinstallation of Vista on the machine. I've also tried using the drivers from the Lenovo site, as well as the ones from the Intel site. No luck with any of them!!


The only thing I can find that's suspicious is that the Standard Capture image is 6MB smaller than the Capture image with the driver, while the standard deploy image is the exact same size as the deploy with the extra driver. (But when I export the WIM and then mount it the drivers are definitely there).


This is driving me crazy!! Any suggestions greatly appreciated!!



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so let me get this straight, you are mounting boot.wim and writing the new driver to it, then unmounting the file with the changes (using imagex)


or are you doing this another way ?

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