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HI All,


FInished deploying approx 10 Dell notebook models. With great success.

However now im onto some HP desktops.


Have manually downloaded all Win7 applicable drivers to my models.


Imported the drivers to a package ive created which took around 45 mins. Distribute and deploy etc.

Now when going into the driver package and looking at members...the package is empty!


Anyone seen this?



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Hmm haven't heard of driver packages being empty like that though. I do know that HP drivers need to be "unwrapped". HP distributes them in EXE's but if you use a compression tool like WinRAR you can extract the actual drivers and use those in SCCM. Not sure if this is much help though to you though. Good luck.

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OK issue resolved.

This may happen to others so would be good to know for future reference.


So it looks like i was trying to import already existing drivers into a package. Which usually is ok.

However. The existing drivers were still pointing to a package which i had previously deleted.


So i was receiving SMS errors upon each import.



Searched the driver directory for existing drivers with that category. And deleted them from the pool.

Import worked after that.



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