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Capture / Deploy Multiple Windows Partitions

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We have been happily using WDS to capture Windows 7, server 2003 & server 2008 & deploy these with great success.

However we have a requirement to capture an existing server 2008 with multiple partitions & redeploy

Everything I have been reading says it can't really be done successfully with WDS.


Server Setup:-


Windows Server 2008 OS - C:\ 68.3 GB

Program Files - E:\ 136Gb

Program Files - F:\ 136Gb



SO as you can see above we need to capture all partitions & deploy successfully.

Can anyone advise if that have successfully completed this task.





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Can't do it because you cant sysprep non OS partitions. all youll get is the OS partition, and if you configure your unattend xml properly, 2 blank partitions.

You could use mdt to run image x after the os has layed down to run imagex /apply to apply the 2 data partitions from a network share.

that being said i really think an os partition on servers is old hat, it used to serve a purpose back in the day but not anymore.

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thanks benw





would you care to elaborate on this statement?

let me answer your question with another. why would you? :) i know i know there are of course reasons for everything. run your servers how you want, dont let anyone tell you otherwise :)

-the old grey beard admins here say back in the day they plopped the OS on a raid array and make the rest of the drives standalone to save money. these days with NAS's and SANs and inexpensive drives for RAIDs i dont see the point. they still do it because thats how they've always done it and will always do it

-windows updates and av updates, limited size means limited ability to do updates. some of the older servers i run have 50 gig drives, and you have to do updates in packs of 10 or else you end up out of space.

-there are a lot of apps that want to be on the OS partition like a child that doesnt want to leave home. even if you install on the other partition you still have junk installed on the OS partition.

-ive heard other people give me some lame answers like a supposed increase in speed or something to do with fragmentation but i dont believe any of that nonsense. ill believe that when i see it.

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Ahh an answer with a question I love it!?


I see your point that with the reduced cost of hardware & the likes these days that its not the cost reason that it used to be.


However as with everything its always dependent on the customer. SO in this instance it happens to be a SQL install on the secondary drives.


Mostly our environment is virtual with a SAN but theres always "one legacy" server... that is usually on its last legs


Thanks for reading/posting


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