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Ok, I have several possible issues that I will place in order here and would like some asisstance if possible!


I have SCCM 2012 installed on 1 server, WSUS on another server.

I had to uninstall IIS/WSUS on server and reinstalled it because it was failing to sync with SCCM server

When I reinstalled WSUS it prompted for Database but I went with the default option. I read somewhere it needs to be on a SQL server.

Is this correct? I tried to connect it to the SQL DB on SCCM server but failed to communicate for some reason so hence I went with default option.

I disabled the GPO pointing all Windows Updates to the WSUS server so SCCM can manage updates.

I created some Device collections then Several ADRs and deployed to the Device collections.

Now I am curious because I do not want my production servers to install the updates during business hours because it may have adverse affects plus I would rather have them restart off hours.

How can I make that possible? The options from what I understand downloads and installs them automatically. Would I need to do this manually on all my servers?


Also after reinstalling the WSUS my Workstations no longer can do Windows Updates.

Error: Code 800B0001 Windows Update Encountered an unknown error.

Is the GPO from windows update that I disabled causing this issue? I even did a gpupdate /sync /force and still got same error.


I know to some of you this all may be stupid questions but I am new to SCCM of any kind and I work in a small shop so expertise is not high on this subject.


Thanks for any help!!

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