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using System Center 2012 Configuration Manager - Part 7. Build and Capture Windows 7 X64 SP1

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<![LOG[Failed to create D:\_SMSTaskSequence (1392)]LOG]!><time="19:19:52.394+480" date="02-07-2013" component="TSPxe" context="" type="3" thread="1152" file="utils.cpp:1175">

try diskparting the hard disc, format it and start again


in diskpart do like so



sel disk 0
cre par pri
format fs=ntfs quick

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OK - I decided to wipe clean my SCCM 2012 lab and start from scratch. Downloaded the guides and wrote down a To-Do checklist.

After applying KB2801987 I had to re-deploy the Configuration Manager Client Package

For some reason the task sequences will fail if I have a product key typed in under "Apply Windows Settings" (I am using the right key!)


Anyways, I removed the product key, and all the task sequences and capture work flawless (VMWare and Hyper-V) :D

Now to figure out how to tweak the image (Windows settings) and have it ready for my deployment TS via unattend.xml

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Joy of Joys I'm making progress. 3 times now I've managed to deploy to my virtual machine. But each time it finishes the deployment and then reboots. It doesn't do the capture. Attached are my log files from the virtual machine.


I really appreciate all the help. I'm not sure how anyone would learn this software without folks like you.






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What would happen if there were multiple task sequences deployed to the same collection. Would pressing F12 bring up a menu of task sequences?


yes as long as the computer is in the collection they are deployed to, and as long as the task sequences were deployed with a purpose of Available (optional) and not Required (mandatory)

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Hi TEam,


Can anybody help me.


I am receiving the error 0x80091007 Hash value incorrect and mismatch.


I have SCCm 2012 Hirearchy


1 primary - MP, DP, SUP

1 Primary - MP, DP, SUP


Added Windows Installer distributed the content


when i run tasksequence to build and capture image, files gets downloaded successfully but the error HASH MISMATCH


Please help me on this


Find smsts log.


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Hi All,

When i distribute boot image content than i facing error in SMSprov.log file.

1}Error setting property (ImageDiskLayout) 0x80041002!

2}Error setting property (TransformAnalysisDate) 0x80041002!

3}Error setting property (TransformReadiness) 0x80041002

We are distribute win 7 os using SCCM 2012 rc in Win2008 R2 server

what should I do?


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