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Software Distribution with Maintance Windows not forcing reboot

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I am deploying a Microsoft Hotfix via Software Distribution and it requires a reboot.


I can't have workstations reboot during the day and have maintance windows setup to cover that.

Maintance Windows:


- 12AM to 6AM

- 2PM to 12AM

All day Sat and Sun


I have tested the install and it works nicely once the maintance window is availible; the patch installs and prompts the user to reboot with a timeout set in the 'Computer Client Agent' (240 minutes - 4 hours). This happens around 2PM.


Here is my issue:

When the patch is deployed to a new collection I start it at 12AM (maintance window is available) patch installs but doesn't reboot workstation wether a user is logged on or not. The timeout has plenty of time before the maintance window ends so I am not sure why it is not rebooting the workstation.


Thanks for any help.

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