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Sending email when Task Sequence success/failure?

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Hello All,


I would like an email to be generated whenever a Operating System Deployment (OSD) Task Sequence results in a fail status.


After Googling, I found this article:




I run into a problem early on when I try to choose the Component that handles Task Sequence and OSD - I can't find any Component in the list that matches what I'm expecting to see, like "SMS_TASK_SEQUENCE" or similar.


Is it possible I need to create this rule from the CAS or whether I need to turn on some kind of status capturing for the Task Sequence Component?


I'm attaching a screenshot to show what I'm referring to.


Any advice much appreciated.



Daniel V

Melbourne, Australia


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I ran into a similar problem with this.


I didn't use the component option.


I went through the status results from the entire site and realized that anything with a message id of 11171 is a success or 11170 is a failure.


this is what i used




The attached a powershell script to send the email. which i got from





Hope this helps all.




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Hi All,


I found a simple solution to the problem in the original post. Instead of trying to choose one of the components that populate the drop-down menu, simply type in "Task Sequence Engine" or "Task Sequence Manager". I have successfully tested entering "Task Sequence Engine", so I assume it will also work for the manager.


The task sequence engine messages might be more than you need, since it will notify you of any step that fails - even if the task sequence continues to execute successfully (like when "ignore error" is checked on that step). The manager errors will only notify you if the task sequence totally dies.


Good luck all! :)

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