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Deepak Rawat

Task Sequence failure due to Primary server not replying to secondaries and clients

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Hi all,


My scenario is:


I have a Primary server (Say X) which is catering 7 different secondary sites (X1, X2, X3,...X7).


OSD through network was working fine, but:


Recently, after TASK SEQUENCE selection, its getting failed.


When I checked smsts.log filed for failed machines, I got the following:

  • successfully able to request primary server to provide list of DPs so that Task sequences can be resolved
  • there is no reply from primary server , hence getting status as "reply from server is NO REPLY" which in turn tells us "Content Location Request Failed".


By analysing it, i got to know that machines are sending requests tocheck the availability of all applications involved in Task Sequence.


But there is "NO REPLY" from the primary server. and hence I am getting "Content Location Request Failed", although the related applications are available where they should be.



So I went to one of the secondary server and checked smspxe.log and I found that ... after the machines get Task sequences and the select one of them... "It Fails to read PXE settings."


So I assumed that there is some issue with the MP of primary server and checked pcontrol.log on it but it is working fine with exit code 200 everywhere.


Then I investigated sender.log and didnt find anything fishy.




What I concluded is that the primary server is not able to reply to system's requests to check availability of applications dependent on Task sequence.



Please sumbody suggest quickly....as OSD is down for a complete city :( ..... please help


Thanks in advance

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