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Reinstalling PXE part

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I've many problems with my PXE and WDS connections. I've ready many tutorials on internet on how to resolve :


Disable PXE in DP

Wait for WDS to be removed


reenable PXE in DP and wait for WDS to be reinstalled.


My problem is that I can't disable PXE in DP, event if I launch the console in admin mode.


Does any1 got an idea ?

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I dont think it is disable DP you have to do it is REMOVE DP!


Just remove the checkmarks on PXE tab on DP

Check that the WDS role has removed (10-15mins maybe less depending if it is a local PXE point or remote PXE on a remote DP)


Delete the Remote Install folder manually once the role has been removed from the last step.


Probably best to restart the server at this stage (WDS/PXE server)


What I would do at this stage is manually add the WDS role from server manager but do not configure it. Once the role has added restart the server again.


Now add the PXE to the DP(this will now just have to configure the WDS for you now as you have already manually installed it from the last step).


Check WDS server that it has connected and configured by opening up the console and expanding out the nodes.


Check the RemoteInstall folder for extra directories and making sure the extra SCCM directories have been created and populated with files (SMSBoot x86/x64)


Rocket Man

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