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Hello everyone,

Wondering if I could get some advise. I have 2 servers


1) Windows server 2008 R2


Active Directory Domain Controller (GC)


Files services


2) Windows Server 2003



Print Server


Domain Controller


I want to move the following roles over to the Windows 2008 server ( DHCP, Print Services) and I want to wipe out the Windows 2003 server and upgrade to Windows 2008. Do i need to demote the Windows Server 2003 first from being a DC, then wipe out?


Thank s for help and advice. I have attached a copy of some of the roles, any help and advice will be great.

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Is there a trust between these DCs... Are they replicating their namespaces with one another?


If not then no need to demote it just wipe it fully including all other roles....just set up DHCP and other roles from scratch on your 2k8 server.. then rebuild the old server with server 2k8


If they are syncing with each other then yes of course you have to demote...it's cleaner and get's rid of any old entities with the DC.

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