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Distribution Point not showing after installing the DP site system role

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Hi all,


I've just setup a lab environment at home, I'm currently limited to 8GB RAM on my desktop. I've got one VHD with Server 2008 R2 with the ADDS and DNS roles, it's got SQL Server 2008 R2 running on it as well as SCCM 2012 RC. Performance is fine and works quite nicely :)


However, my question is, every time I try to add the Distribution Point role to this server nothing appears in the list of Distribution Point servers and nothing in the Distribution Point Configuration Status view.


Is there anything I have to do other than go through the Add Site System Roles and add the DP role? Can a primary site server be a DP or does it need to go on a separate server?


Are there any log files I can check after I've added the role?


Any help would be awesome :)





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are you using the Release Candidate of Configuration Manager 2012 ? that was replaced by the RTM release way back in April, and now Service Pack 1 beta is soon to come, I'd suggest you do all your testing on the RTM release.


as regards a dp being on a primary, of course it can be there and it's added during the primary setup, have you verified what roles are installed on your server ?

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Thanks for your reply, sorry I didn't realise I put RC I meant RTM. I used the installation media provided at work and installed the evaluation version.


I've attached attached two screenshots to the bottom of this reply:


1 - Distribution Point Site System Role

2 - Distribution Points


The first screenshot shows the DP site system role configured to my primary site server and the second shows that there isn't anything listed for DP servers.









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Hi, did you resolve this issue? I'm having the same problem. I've tried reinstalling the DP. And now i've reinstalled SCCM completely But still no succes.


I hope you can help me fix this.


Edit: reinstalled on a clean server, same problem. Anyone advise?

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Tried installing the DP on a remote system. Even then the DP does not appeear. The $ folders are also not created.

There are no errors in the logs. De DP just simply does not appeear at de DP status.


One other wierd thing is that at the site status everything is OK but also unknown.


Can anyboy advise. I'm realy stuck here. Have been at it for several nights and weekends and can't get it to work.

Reinstalled several times, also on different servers, sql server on remoteserver, sql server on the same server, no result.

Apparently i'm making the same mistake over and over.

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Hi Nick,


Thanks for your response. I've followed numerous guides, including yours, reinstalled the complete environment at least 8 times.


The Distmgr.log has no erros. The Smsdpprov.log can not be reviewed because the SMS_DP$ and other virtual directories are not created.

The only folder created is SCCMContentLib, the other virtual folders are also not available in IIS.


I've reviewed the IIS configuration but cannot find anything that is causing this. All prerequest are installed and enabled.


After removing the DP role and reinstalling it, it doesn't even appear anymore at monitoring/overview/system status/site status.


The Distribution Point Configuration Status Always shows "no items".


Some pictures:

Servers and Site System Roles



Site Status:



DP Configuration Status



IIS config



Please advise!

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Overnight the Distribution Point appeared in the Site Status, however still no Virtual Directories:



Also the distribution point is still not available:



Please advise, I'm at it for 3 weeks now and can't get this to work. Probably it is something small but I cannot find the sollution! :(

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