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Will you guys be doing a step-by-step guide for Server 2012 WDS? I've never worked with WDS and I'm starting to implement this now and I haven't been able to locate any complete step by step guides for Server 2012 WDS. Just curious if this is in the works. Thanks.

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I am currently attempting to migrate my WDS server from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Server 2012. The steps I have taken thus far:


1. Install the WDS Server Role on Server 2012.

2. Stopped WDS Service both the old host and the new host.

3. Copied the contents of the \RemoteInstall folder from the old host to the new using robocopy.

4. Restarted the WDS service on the new 2012 host.

5. Updated the DHCP options to point PXE clients to the new host.


I am able to image my Win7 clients normally. However, when I try to deploy a Windows XP image, I receive the following error:


WdsClient: There was a problem processing the selected image.


Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi Rscottish.


I have followed the steps you have mentioned.


But the last step( step 5) Updated the DHCP options to point pxe clients to the new host.



i don't understand this step and also do not know what i need to do with ( dhcp options)


Thanks in advance.

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