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Script/Command to quit task sequence

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Hi All


I have written a nice little HTA that will gather all the info in one screen, then I can click my "launch" button and it will build the machine, no problem. What I would like to do is insert a canel/abort button in the case that the technician wants to cancel the build. Do you know the code that can perform this function?


Something worth noting is that obviously the Task Sequence has already begun, so is thre any point in cancelling it at this stage or have I gone too far? It may still be workable, but I may have to delet some directories form the C: drive. My launcher/HTA is the first item in the TS, so no formatting has happened at this stage.




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You can do that by defining a variable in your script and give it a value of FALSE. On your cancel button just perform a self.close(). On the OK button action set the varibale to TRUE.

Group everything behind the HTA in your task sequence and run this section only when the variable is TRUE.

This way you don't have to care about leftovers on your hard disk.

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