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I have already put this file in the package.

I first installed this software on my machine from where i got this file setup.iss.



One more thing i wanted to ask, what is the significance of this path "C:\Windows\setup.iss" ?

avsetup.exe -a -s -f1 C:\Windows\setup.iss


Because what i understood from the manual is that if i want to run this software in silent mode this file "setup.iss" has to be present on this mentioned location "C:\Windows\" in order to provide the information to this software while getting installed silently.


Now since my plan is to install this software on a few hundred machines in my organisation, I put setup.iss file in my package and instead of writing "c:\windows\setup.iss" I write the address of the file which is stored on the server( package), which would be directly accessible to all the users whenever this program will be executed using the provided command line.


But still the software is not getting installed.

Correct me if I am wrong anywhere.



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You can put the Setup.iss in you package source path (same level as the executable) and just call "avsetup -s"

The reason why they are using this path in the admin guide is here "avsetup.exe -a -r.". They did'nt define a capture path for the answer file with the "/f1" switch. In this case the answer file will be stored in %windir% by default. So for an admin guide this part is not very professional.


Also the use of the "-a" switch is suspect. This switch is reserved for administrative installations and not for package installations.

My Advice is to create a new answer file with "avsetup.exe -r -f1"c:\temp\setup.iss" (change the path to what you want). Copy the answer file to your package source and just run "avsetup -s" in your command line.

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thanks peter for your reply



again i didn't understand the meaning of "c:\temp\setup.iss" in the command line. Doesn't it tells the "avsetup" to get the required information for installing the software. Every time this program reaches the client end, and the program uses the mentioned command line, then for silent installation setup.iss file must be present or accessible . If "c:\temp\setup.iss" tells the location of the setup.iss from where the program will fetch the detail, should I not change this location to another location which would be accessible globally by all the users, it then can be accessed by all the clients from a same location while installing the software.

When this program will be distributed to the users, I don't want any input to be given by user.

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The Setup.iss is just an answer file for the Setup which holds the step by step information about every input you performed during the capture process of the setup "setup.exe /r". This file is essential for silent installations. The file itself will be held in the package location on the client (SCCM client cache). No user has access to this folder (only admins). Also, there is no User input available during a silent setup based on the answer file. Even if someone would modify the file in the cache, the SCCM client would notice the difference and redownload the sources before the next execution of the deployment.

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From what I understand the installation requires that an absolute path be used to call the setup.iss file. I've found this to be somewhat tricky since SCCM never has an absolute path when deploying software. If you haven't tried it already just drop the "C:\Windows\" part and call the setup.iss file that way in your program.

If that doesn't work you would need to use a batch file in your program and copy the file to a local temp location, run the command using that location, then deleting this file. Now doing it this way is kind of messy because you are copying the package locally, then recopying the specific file to a known location to call it in your program. I've had success doing silent installs that require a call to an absolute path, or when just copying a file such as a shortcut to a desktop. Here is a sample of what you might want your batch file to look like:



@echo off


Set THISDIR = %~dp0

xcopy "%thisdir%setup.iss" "C:\Temp" /c /y

avsetup.exe -a -s -f1 C:\Temp\setup.iss

del /S/Q/F C:\Temp\setup.iss



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