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I have a couple of questions regarding the User Experience when pushing out Software updates. First of all how do I suppress the Software Center message Software changes must be applied to your computer after XX/XX/XXXX date? As of now the user is prompted for a selection, but I don't want the users to be prompted with that notification.


Under my client computer restart settings I have set up 60 minutes to display the temp notification to the user and 30 minutes to display a dialog box that the user cannot close. I understand the user cannot close the window but there is the restart button and a hide button. When this message pops up the hide button is grayed out so the user cannot click hide? We are wondering why it's grayed out and is there way to enable it? I basically want my users to be aware of the updates are concurring and that they need to restart the machine once installed for the updates to take effect. What would be the best way to set the notifications up with notifying the user but not impacting them? I hope all this makes sense.






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Use ADR's to update your comps once a month and set it to run as soon as possible. Run it at night and on the user experience tab select both boxes under deadline behavior and don't suppress the restart. When everyone comes in the next day all the comps have been updated and rebooted. Cept for laptop users they usually have to deal with the restart notification unless they leave it at work that night. Just notify them with an email so they save everything that day and log out after work. After a few months they know what to expect.

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