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How to set a task sequence to enable bitlocker only on laptops?


I've been using MDT for a few years now, up to and including MDT 2012 update 1. Now we've purchased SC2012, and I'm trying to rebuild the deployment setup in SCCM to do the same things I did before in MDT. It looks like there are several areas where things might work in a different way. Rather than trying to manually recreate the exact steps I had in MDT, I wanted to check first to see if there's a better way to accomplish the same goals in SCCM.


The question of the moment is regarding bitlocker. In MDT, I had set customsettings.ini up with different sections for laptops and desktops, and depending on the IsLaptop variable, it would jump to whichever was appropriate. For laptops, I enabled bitlocker. For Desktops, I didn't.


I created a new mdt task sequence in SCCM (sp1 beta), and I see that it has steps included for pre-provisioning bitlocker and enabling bitlocker, both are conditional on the existence of an OSDBitlockerMode variable. I don't know how that variable is set, but I'd like the same setup I had with MDT, such that bitlocker is only enabled on laptops.


What's the best way to do this?

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Thanks. So should I bring over the branches of customsettings.ini that I had in MDT, using that to skip bitlocker on desktops and enable it on laptops? I don't mind staying with what works, but I don't want to force SCCM to work the way I used MDT if SCCM has a better way to deal with the same problems.

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Can I use these settings in SCCM MDT TS that I use in MDT?


BDEPin=some pin
TPMOwnerPassword=some password

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