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Ive got a Win 2008r2 running a brand new installation of sccm 2012. (24gb of ram. 24 cores, 2TB Disk)


Network is a hub and spoke configuration.


We have 20 remote sites (possibly going to grow to 100 over time) connecting back into the hub site, each spoke has a 10meg full duplex WAN link and each site also has its own class C subnet assigned to it.


No more than about 100 client machines per spoke, all running Win7 Professional, Office 2010, all machines throughout the estate are members of the same Active Directory.


I need to be able to push out Operating systems, WSUS, software packages etc from the hub.


Am i better configuring secondary sites at each of the remote locations? Of will DPs suffice?


Many thanks - cool site by the way!



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Software is not an issue just have enough disk space on PS to cope with the needs for software at all sites......with the site specific software create the package on the PS and distribute accordingly to the destination site....you will have quite an extensive software source on your PS if there is a vast amount of different software.......if you can package all your software then 1 image will do so you do not have to create unique site specific images also.....just create a TS for each site and attach the packages appropriately.......


Each IT admin once trained can have a console and you can set security measures on the consoles so that they only have access to certain nodes of the console i:e software node..& Asset and Compliance.but they will however probably be able to see all collections(not sure if you can lock this down to which collections they get access to)??

Anyone else have any ideas on this one??


can you clarify on your configuration settings?

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