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New site logo!

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Some of you may have already noticed, but we have a new logo here for Windows-Noob.com.


Since our previous 'lifering' style design with the four Windows colours was introduced, a new era of Windows and its visual style is upon us. The red, green, blue, yellow flag is now the Microsoft logo, rather than just for Windows, while the OS itself gets the blue, leaning 'window' design.


So, to reflect this new era that Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 brings, Windows-Noob's logo now echoes the new design, while staying true to its 'noob' roots with the "just hatched" design.




The 'favicon' should now also render beautifully in several different sizes if your browser is able to take advantage of that, too.


We'd love to know your thoughts on the new logo, and hope it helps keep Windows-Noob fresh and with the current developments in the Windows world!

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