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Installing Visio 2007 via Application catalogue

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Having built a System Center (cm)12 for the purpose of WSUS and imaging of a new Win 7 and to deploy applications via the application catalogue. I have followed the instructions of this site. FANTASTIC but the question of getting just Visio, not office 2007 to deployment via the application catalogue I can’t find an answer to….


First you have issue relating to exe to MSI for the catalogue to display, and got many exe based apps to deploy and work all via the catalogue with approval and detection methods working but i just can’t get Visio to install correctly from the catalogue.

Visio is shown in the catalogue, approval works and then it tries to install with various errors.

Each time I change anything, it prompts me to say it has a new software and I clear the CCMCache folder via the client to ensure it pulls the new on down.


Using setup.exe /visio.msp /config config.xml, nothing happens:

I have amend the config.xml to include the PID key (with works on a manual install VLK version) it gives error 30030


Using setup.exe /config.xml just reinstalls office back on to the already installed version from the fat image.


Using the setup.exe /adminfile "\\****\Deployment\Applications\Office 2007 Professional Plus\Setup_visio.msp" /config \\****\Deployment\Applications\Office 2007 Professional plus\config.xml gave error 30066


I feel as I am going round in circles and yet I have goggled answers and they all point to the methods I have tried.

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