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SMSSIG$ Errors

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Hi everyone


I've been struggling with some issues recently, one I mentioned in a previous post 'Sup Bug'. The current problem I'm struggling with is that when I have created packages for the Updates e.g. Server 2008 R2, they aren't being copied to the DP. The errors I get from distmgr.log are:


Failed to set share security on share \\WDS02.thingamy\SMSSIG$. Error = 5

Cannot find or create the signature share.

Error occurred. Performing error cleanup prior to returning.


I checked the permissions which I believe were correct. After that I deleted the folder and uninstalled the DP, restarted the server and reinstalled it with no luck.



Edit: This was all working a week or so ago, I did update to SP1 Beta 1 which I have a feeling has done something unhelpful.


Any ideas?





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i tried to remove the folder smssig$ and update a package and it worked once. it create a tar file for that package id but when i tried to update Another one the error started again.

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I had the same issue when upgrading to SP1 RTM. Rreinstalling DP/MP did not help. I actually started setting up a new SCCM server and installing SP1 from scratch. Works fine now. Our environment isn't that big so it didn't take as long as for others I'm sure.

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