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Loadstate stopped restoring files (could not create object)

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Hi all,


i am currently in the middle of a pilot rollout from XP to 7x64.

Today we have had 2 cases in a row where a users documents have not been restored correctly to users mydocs folder on the win7 machine.


For every file it fails to restore..i get the same message:



2012-12-13 15:25:20, Status [0x000000] Processing File D:\Data\User\My Documents [ExcelFile.xlsx]


2012-12-13 15:25:20, Error [0x080000] Could not create object \\dfsshare\dfs\FolderReDir\User\Documents[ExcelFile.xlsx]. Exception class Mig::SideAwareWin32Exception: Error while creating directory structure for \\dfsshare\dfs\FolderReDir\User\Documents: Cannot create a file when that file already exists. [0x000000B7] void __cdecl Mig::CFileDataStore::Create(class Mig::CDataUnit *)[gle=0x000000b7]


2012-12-13 15:25:20, Info [0x080000] Error 183 during apply of object D:\Data\User\My Documents[ExcelFile.xlsx]


[0x000000] Write error 183 for D:\Data\User\My Documents[ExcelFile.xlsx]. Windows error 183 description: Cannot create a file when that file already exists.[gle=0x000000b7]


2012-12-13 15:25:20, Info [0x000000] Error ignored due to /c option


2012-12-13 15:25:20, Info [0x080000] Error 183 while applying object D:\Data\User\My Documents[ExcelFile.xlsx]. Shell application requested ignore


Same error for another 160 files.



All other restores up until now have completed successfully.

What possible environment change could have occured that would affect this?


Any suggestions would be great.




EDIT: I know it says file "exists" but its not there obviously..otherwise it would be considered a successful migration ;)

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