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Itunes not working on one (of three) distribution points

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Three dist points. One of the three generates an error for Itunes. The error is essentially where Itunes trys to start up and wants to find its installer but what it is referencing is the path to where the install process would have put it during the install (c:\SMSTaskSequence\Packages\*assigned_package_ID\). If you click cancel on the error Itunes DOES WORK FINE.


I have updated the dist point a few time, and "refreshed" it too. The file being installed (itunes64.msi) matches hash on a dist point that does work.


Is there a way to disable a dist point (not delete it) to force the machine's in the problem dist points area to go to a different dist point. Other suggestions?

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As an update I went ahead and unplugged the network cable from that dist point at the remote location so they had to get their packages from one of the other dist points. Same results, so the issue is appearently not with that dist point. I want to emphasize that the other two locations running the same task sequence do not have this issue...only this one remote location. Still looking for suggestions...or even which log's to look at (to cut down on my research time). Thank you.

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