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SCCM 2012 sp1 migration to CAS hierarchy

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Hey everyone,


Happy survival of the Maya end of days! hehe.


I've been looking at the SP1 beta of sccm 2012 in my lab, and also read up some on it, and i found some information that says the following:

  • "More flexible hierarchy management with support to expand a stand-alone primary site into a hierarchy that includes a new central administration site, and the migration of a Configuration Manager SP1 hierarchy to another Configuration Manager SP1 hierarchy.

(Source: http://technet.micro...ibrary/jj591552)


From what i can understand, this means that you should be able to join a hierarchy currently only using a Primary Site as a top, to a CAS structure, without starting from scratch.


I've got 2 separate hierarchy's in my LAB (One CAS with a Primary, and one Primary StandAlone), but i can't really seem to find out how this can be done.


Is it just me thats looking in the wrong places, or have i miss-understood what they mean by this? :)



Hope you all have a great christmas :)


Best regards

Eirik // Xandor

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Alrighty, thanks for the quick answer Peter. :)


Fun thing is, i got a nice little "gift"...

Taking over several installations, that have all been installed as stand-alone primary sites.

Guess i should start reinstalling one at a time and get them over to a proper structure then. hehe


Thanks again :)



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